Alshams Enterprises Concertainer units have become the system of choice for applications as varied as land reinforcement and field fortifications, erosion control and perimeter defenses, flood prevention and ammunition compounds.

The key to this versatility lies in the simplicity of the patented design.


Alshams Enterprises Concertainer units have a Zinc coated steel mesh framework, lined with non-woven polypropylene material, with integrated cells to provide internal structural integrity. The vertical joints are made from helical coils, to form 360 degree hinges. As a result the units fold flat when empty, so that several can be carried on a standard pallet or skid, making transportation efficient and rapid. On site, Concertainer units can be quickly installed, since they are fully assembled during manufacturing. They can be filled with locally available material, with minimal manpower and using standard backhoe loaders or similar equipment.

Each consignment of Concertainer units is supplied with joining pins to enable the individual units to be connected. When they are filled, the cellular structure and mesh framework create walls of exceptional strength and structural integrity.
Concertainer Barrier commonly use for Militray and Civil Works.





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